Repair Services

Want to come directly to our repair shop for instant repair? We have iPhone/iPad repair shop in Virginia.
Please come in person or make an appointment in advance for an extra fast service. All the problems you are having on your device will surely be resolved very well .

12 Months Peace of Mind Warranty

A reliable after-service warranty is another reason you should only repair your phone from Bonza Tech Solutions for your brand. We offer you a limited-time warranty after repairing your smartphones and other devices. With that, you don’t need to make recurring payments if the same problem resurfaces within the given timeframe.

If your mobile phone is damaged and out of warranty, we will try and fix it for you.
Yes we can fix your devices home button, but please note that after the fix the finger print will not work.
urnaround time is 2-7 days after receiving the phone depending on job and availability of parts. Most jobs are completed within 2-3 days This does depend on the fault, make of phone and parts required.
No it is only worth scrap value while damaged. Insurance companies do not insure damaged phones for their full value.