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Since you are here you must be looking for the best and most cost-effective cell phone repair services and I must tell you you have come to the right place. Your cell phone can get faulty or temporarily damaged when used continuously. These most likely happen when hardware fails, the screen is damaged, or the phone is submerged in water. With our team of professionals we have got you covered whether your cell phone stopped working, your phone’s screen got cracked or your phone is not charging.

Cell Phone Repair Services We Offer:

Screen repair services:

If your cell phone’s screen got damaged contact us for fast and affordable screen repair services. Bonza tech solutions offer screen repair services for all types of cell phones. Although replacing an iPhone screen is expensive, our company has established reasonable service fees to lessen the financial stress on the customer.

Battery replacement services:

In this era of technology, everyone relies on their cell phones for daily tasks and they can get interrupted if their cell phone’s battery gets damaged and stops holding a charge. Malfunction or damage is usually the cause of battery replacement. Whatever the issue is we are here to provide you with battery replacement services for all kinds of cell phones.

Charging port repair services:

We understand that most smartphone users tend to be rash and cruel when it comes to charging their cell phones. And they end up damaging their charging port. Bonza tech solutions also offer to charge port repair services for all our customers whether they use iPhone or android cell phones.

Water Damage repair services:

Water damage repair services are our specialty! We can fix most water-damaged phones. We’ll examine your cell phone, diagnose the issue, and recommend you the solution to your problem. We’ll do everything we can to repair the water damage to your device.

Camera repair services:

If your cell phone’s camera goes cracked or broken, contact us and let our expert technicians fix it quickly and affordably for you.

What makes our Cell phone Repair Services more reliable and trustworthy?

We are a team of professionals providing you the cost-effective and quick cell phone repair services in town.  We offer various services and features that are unavailable in other places. These features make our cell phone repair services more reliable and trustworthy.

1. Qualified and Expert Technicians for Cell phone repair services:

To begin with, our technicians at Bonza Tech Solutions have years of experience working on every smartphone made by their particular brand. They are familiar with all types of smartphone issues and are adept at resolving them. A technician with little experience could break your phone. But with us, you can rest assured that your expensive cell phone is in the right hands. Any cell phone should be get repaired by a professional.

2. Authentic Spare parts:

Along with an expert and qualified technicians we use only original and authentic spare parts for our cell phone repair services to guarantee that you may keep using your phone after it has been fixed. We buy these spare parts directly from the manufacturer, guaranteeing that your phone will be restored to factory condition.

Whether you need your phone’s screen fixed, back glass replacement, screen replacement, replace the damaged battery, or need to repair the motherboard, we will provide you with the best quality and original spare parts for your cell phone.

3. Best Cell Phone Repair Quality:

Sometimes the work of a professional can be hindered by a lack of the necessary equipment. But we at Bonza tech solutions use the necessary tools and equipment to improve our cell phone repair services, so that doesn’t happen. The skill of our experts, the usage of authentic parts and essential tools, and many other factors all contribute to getting the best repair quality.

4. Extended Warranty:

Another thing that makes our cell phone repair services more reliable is that we offer an extended warranty on any cell phone repair services. For example, we offer a 30 to 90 days warranty for screen replacement, for you to get free repair services in case of any unresolved issue or damage after repairing your cell phones.

5. Affordable and Time-Saving Cell Phone Repair Services:

We are the only cell phone repair services provider in town that offers not only affordable but also time-saving services to their customers. You shouldn’t have to wait in line for several hours or leave your phone unattended for several days to get a repair service any longer! Of course, there are other things you could be doing with your time besides spending the entire day at a service center.

Our extra complimentary services might help you save time and money when you’re on the go. In addition to having the ability to fix your phone as quickly as possible, you may schedule a visit with us from the comfort of your home, obtain an online repair estimate or costs for spares, and possibly receive free delivery service.


Always choose the cell phone service provider wisely.

Yes, We at Bonza Tech provide diagnostic services for all cell phones whether it is an iPhone, Samsung, Google, or LG. We will assist you in identifying and resolving the actual cause of the problem.
Unless it's necessary to delete it as part of the repair, we try to secure all your data. These repairs usually include software problems and liquid damage.
Do not worry! We provide the best quickest cell phone repair services in town. Make sure to come to us if you require quick cell phone repair. If you want to have your phone repaired with us, we can have it fixed in 24 hours or less. We follow the customer services policy to provide our customers with the best services.
We use original spare parts to repair all kinds of cell phones. We directly purchase these spare parts from the manufacturer to provide you with reliable cell phone repair services.