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Gaming consoles are built to take a beating. However, in a moment of severe frustration or pure jubilation, it is possible for consoles or accessories to be pushed to the limits—and sometimes beyond. Don’t let a little incident spoil your fun. If you’re looking for gaming console repair in Virginia, look no farther than Bonza Tech Solutions. Despite our name, we work on gaming systems, too. And to get you back to action as quickly as possible, we can diagnose your problem and get it fixed quickly, usually on the same day you bring it to us. It doesn’t matter if you have broken buttons on your portable gaming device, or if you completely fry the hard drive on your console, we can fix whatever you can throw at us, and we’ll do it at a fair and competitive price. Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Wii. We cover them all and we’re here to keep you rolling.

Peace of Mind Warranty

We also can give your phone a total refurbishment & software diagnostics, fault finding, full factory resets and quotes for insurance companies. Our fully qualified certified, insured and trained engineers repair smartphones and mobile phones including some of the older phones.

If I have it repaired, will I lose the disc? This is a common occurrence and our system is designed to help you with getting your disc back. Many console failures cause a disc to be trapped inside of the dead system. We recommend when you create the order, or at any time through the order comments section, you should indicate the disc name with the repair order. This will ensure that your assigned technician locates the disc during the repair service and they will return it with the completed repair. It is also recommended to include the empty disc case for us to return the disc in the original protective case.
Every unit needs a good cleaning… We clean every system which goes through our process at many levels. Our facility uses a highly powered central vacuum system which is designed to remove even the most stubborn particles. Additionally, when we dissasemble the unit we can access many of the nooks and crannies which house debris and dust which can get sucked into the unit through the fans. We see dust as one of the main reason for failures and we will remove any blockage to keep the unit breathing fresh clean air as intended. You get all this with every repair order as a total service with no additional charge.
We have Same Day Services available We offer same day service for certain errors and repairs, however during high volume periods we may need to charge an expedite fee to put you ahead of other paying customers. Please be aware that for YOUR protection, we test ALL repaired systems for a minimum of 4-6 hours after the repairs are completed so please allow us the time for quality assurance testing to finish. We will always continually update your order with email updates as our process completes and will post the order status to “READY FOR STORE PICKUP” when you can rush in to pickup the repaired system.
We repair hundreds of consoles regularly and we have all of the necessary cables and accessories to test your unit. Minimum requirement is for us to receive the console for the repairs required. If you are having power issues, please be certain to send the power supply, ac adapter, or power cable you use with the system. It is recommended to send as many items as you would like us to check with your repair order. Our engineers will test everything that you send with the order, however if you require specific items or tests to be completed just mention it with the repair order. You can always update the order with a comment which will go right to the tech who is working with your system.