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Tech solutions provides tech device repair services. We have team of professionals for each domain with cost-effective and quick repair services. Our company has two separate departments, one for Cellphone repair service, and the other for laptop repair service. Along with smartphone mobile repair we offer gaming console repair, iPad Panel repair and iPod repair service as well.

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Water Ingress Damage

A person needs to go to a cellphone repair service when the device interacts with any type of liquid or water. A device can be completely damaged if it will not get checked immediately by an expert. Some people face the problem of too much sweaty hands there phone often face this issue.
from $99 .00

Poor Battery Life

A device is frustrated to use when its battery life is poor, as we offer mobile, smartwatch, and Laptop repair services. We keep batteries for different types of devices in stock. In smartwatches, most of the time, people come up with battery issues.

Bonz Tech Solutions use good quality batteries for apple watch repair, and Samsung watches repair.

from $69 .00

Cracked Screens

Portable devices are very delicate to use. The moment such devices drop down on the floor, accidentally the chances are high that the screen will get cracked. We keep screens for different devices. From iPod repair to iPhone screen repair. Our company have ultimate solutions when it comes to repair services.
from $79 .00

Bent Chassis

One of the unfortunate incidents is when your device has bent the chassis. Sometimes the device gets under the heavy-weight object. As a result, the frame of the cellphone gets bent. We use special equipment to fix the issue or to suggest to our customer to change the body of the electronic device if it is more damaged.
from $75 .00

Broken Speakers

The device speakers got broken in case of any accidental drop. We keep different types of speakers in our stock to provide speaker-changing service to our customers in case of broken speakers. Without repaired speakers, hearing won't be clear or sometimes impossible.
from $49 .00
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Repairing tech devices, mobile or laptop, both have different technicalities. Most of the time, repairing a computer needs more time and attention. The reason is data backup and privacy factors. Usually, people back up their mobile data on a laptop, but the question is, what if the computer itself crashes or starts having problems?

Our team members hired for laptop repair service are trained in repairing without losing any data. We ensure that our clients will never get an issue with data privacy if data is recovered. Repairing a laptop takes more time than mobile repair or smartwatch repair service. However, the technical staff members are instructed to repair the tech devices on urgent basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you repair Apple Products?

Tech solutions provides all types of repair services. We can fix all Apple products like iPhone Screen repair, iPod panel repair, apple watch repair and iPod repair service.

How can I fix my tech device on my own?

There are always technicalities behind hiring a professional to do tasks. An expert can quickly repair significant damage, while a slight hit can become complex because of mishandling by an unprofessional person with no expertise.
Always go to a professional, whether the tech device is small or big. It is optional that a mobile repair or cell phone repair service provider can also give you a gaming console repair or laptop repair service. We offer all types of repair service.

Why repairing cost is increasing day by day?

Repairing cost increases with the increase of cost of parts used in devices. As the latest model of tech device is launched most of the time, is higher in price as compared to the previous one. Similarly, their parts are also expensive in the market.

Why Apple watches repair is different from Samsung watch repair?

Both smartwatches are manufactured by two different companies. Moreover, both products have different features and specifications. Therefore, the Apple watch repair procedure and cost are different from the Samsung watch repair.